A co-operative enquiry into the meanings and strategies of enabling spaces for Youth Activism: the case of ‘Mesaha’ in Cairo, Egypt

Through insiders’ co-operative enquiry, I took on exploring Egyptian youth activists’ views and perceptions of their spaces and examining their strategies of forming and sustaining those spaces. Specifically, I questioned our experience with Mesaha, one of activists’ enabling spaces in Cairo, highlighting five layers of interdependent meanings we have articulated about the significance of this space to our activism. I, likewise, identified three strategies have been applied in order to put these meanings into practice and handle the contextual limitations. Examining such questions within the Egyptian context revealed how young activists responded to the on-going transformations and increasing limitations that they experienced throughout the past five years (2011 – 2015).


Mohamed Bassein H. Salman . independent researcher . yassein@mesaha.org

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