Five years’ Experience of climate change activism in Africa: What really want our Leaders?

World leaders signed a groundbreaking pledge in Paris in December, 2015 at the end of the 21st UNFCCC Climate Talks at Paris (COP21). For many it’s an outstanding hope after 20 years of bitter defeat of the Kyoto Protocol. Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change. The phenomenon negatively impacts the means and modes of existence, increases poverty, conflicts and wars. Facing the challenges, there must be big actions to match the effects of climate change given the size of the problem it poses. But in the facts, is that the leaders of this world really want to fight against climate change.  Do you know that the budget of the COP21 and COP21 and the 2000 meetings conducted in Paris have already solved once and for all the issue of climate refugees in Africa? Do you know how many people die daily for lack of water in Africa? And what our leaders do for these 4000 children who die per day for water-related problems?


Mahugnon Serge Djohy . CliMates .

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