Prejudicies and Stereotypes, the factor of conflicts transboadering in Great Lakes Region of Africa

The Great Lakes Region of Africa, including Rwanda, Burundi, Republic Democratic of Congo, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Uganda, has been a theater for different ethnic conflicts resulted to horrible killings of more Africans ( i.e: genocide of Tutsi in 1994 in Rwanda). During the assessment of the space for permanent dialogues between Rwandans and Congolese on both boarders (Goma and Gisenyi), the culminate causes of these conflicts are prejudices and stereotypes of ethnic groups living in these two countries. Different efforts in diplomatic areas have been managed, but still the groups of rebels are still in forests, waiting to find opportunities for putting in action their acts of violence. Resolving a problem addressing one content, country or ethnic group, in these dialogues revealed that doesn’t offer the permanent solutions. Destroying prejudices and stereotypes for building peace in the whole region, by the permanent dialogues, it is one of the best means of building a permanent non-violence peace that needed people for the great lakes region.

Jean de Dieu MIHIGO . APCM .

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