(At the edge) Of Power. Being transsexual in Angola via kuduro

Urban Angolan culture has rarely given space to the narrative construction of homosexuality and even less of transsexuality. Curiously the theme began to occupy the public debate through the rapid rise in the musical limelight, of Titica, a transsexual who, starting from kuduro ranges now in various popular musical genres in Angola auto-representing herself  in a complicated game of mirrors that affirm and diluted at the same time, her transsexuality. My intervention aims to analyze how  Titica is creating her place in the Angolan popular music culture, but also to analyze how her success is being able to trigger a series of processes that,in a more or less explicit way,  are breaking the wall of silence until now existing around the homosexual and transgender issues in that country. Reflecting on what kind of self-narrative strategies Titica is acting in her  video-clips, I aim to show  how she is also occuping a prominent place in the incipient debate on LGBT themes in his country.


livia apa . Union-Napoli . liviaapa@gmail.com

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