The period, Arab Spring, crystallized, ushered in unprecedented quick-running machinery for Nigerian sex migrant workers to have their enterprise plied abroad via Sahara, “the  largest hot Desert “and Mediterranean, “the most trafficked Sea.” Multiplicity of national and ethnic groups make up the most populous Black nation. Nigeria counts more than 250 groups and burdened by a number of challenges. Bini or Edo, a minority ethnic extraction had dominated the sex trafficking enterprise-for over three decades. (U S Department of Trade Trafficking Report 2012). Up to 80% of woman trafficked from Nigeria to Europe belonged to Edo (IOM). The paper investigates migration drivers vis-a-vis poverty and structural inequality- that trigger the surge in profession hitherto reputedly practiced along ethnic line, but now shared out with the major group. It focuses the dynamic potential and cross-cutting migration impacts of the emerging, but bigger group, covering a wide range of geographical and ecological zones on the family on one hand, the effects on the society at large on the other hand. It affirms the axiomatic relationship between migration and crime on account of symbiotic alliance of sex migrant workers and criminal gangs. Examining the roles of officers at all stages of trafficking movement. And the web of networks connecting countries together with one of the greatest sources(Nigeria), transit and destination (Libya), and dreamed host continent,(Europe) constituting a transnational social space facilitating migration flows.


Emmanuel O Adeyemi . Faculty of Arts Department of Theatre Arts University of Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria .

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